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Tile Roofs are some of the most in-demand across the state of Florida. One of the reasons for its immense demand is the fact that depending on the tiles chosen the roof can last long, be easy to clean and maintain. Then there is also the fact that some tile roofs can be cost-effective. Though it all boils down to ensuring that the tile roof is built correctly. A well-constructed tile roof will always last longer and be less of a hassle to maintain than one which wasn’t properly planned.

At Victory Roofing Contractors, we often advise that our clients get tile roofs installed as compared to a flat roof or shingles. The reason being that while a tile roof construction can be costly upfront especially if you choose clay tiles over concrete ones the prior last longer. Tiles are energy efficient an offer excellent curb appeal both of which helps to improve the resale of a home. Also, tiles, for the most part, are fire resistant.

Clay Vs. Concrete Tile Roofs

Whether you are seeking a re-roofing service or are building a roof from scratch for a new home choosing between clay and concrete tile roofs can be difficult. Many of our clients are confused between the two mainly because concrete is cheaper than clay by around 30%. However, both concrete and clay tile roofs are on the whole more expensive as compared to other roofing materials. So, it is essential to examine the added benefits that original tiles offer and if they are worth the extra cost.

The important thing to keep in mind that the life-cycle cost associated with tiles is much lower compared to shingles. Clay tiles have a life-cycle of around 100 years, while concrete tiles last a good 50 years. So, you may want to factor in how long you want to hold on to the home before making a choice.

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Leading Roofing Experts

We are one of the leading roofing experts in the state of Florida. Our team consists of the most experienced roofers who have been with us for a very long time. Each roofer isn’t just experienced but is also certified. So, you can be assured of high-quality work when hiring them to either install a concrete or clay tile roof.

We Use the Best Materials

In the roofing industry quality materials can go a long way. There is no point in investing all that money in installing clay tiles only so that they end up breaking or falling off because the roofer used low-quality materials. With us, you never have to worry about either work or material quality. That’s why we can back our service with a warranty unlike other roofing companies in Florida.

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