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Shingle roofing has come a long way over the past twenty years. Today there are dozens of various types of shingles, tile roofs and flat roofs. Each type has its own set of pros and cons whether installing a new roof or re-roofing a structure. Though on the whole, their durability has improved tremendously but only if it is installed correctly. Incorrect shingle roof installation can lead to a myriad of issues which range from breaking shingles to cracks and shingles that get torn off by strong winds.

It goes without saying that professionally installed shingles the way we do it can last for nearly 50 years. Victory Roofing Contractors has been installing shingle roofs for well over a decade. Our teams combined have an accumulated over 200 years of experience. So, we are the best choice for any and all types of roofing projects.

Should you get a shingle roof repaired or replaced?

It is a very common question because we get asked a lot. Generally speaking, it is hard for us to say definitively if the shingles on your roof should be replaced entirely or if they can be repaired. Though the four-step method below should help you figure it out on your own:

Step no. 1: Inspect the shingles for damage. How extensive is the damage to the shingles? The more damaged those shingles are, the lower the chance that they can be repaired.

Step no. 2: What type of overall condition is your roof in? Even if you localize problem areas, the overall condition may suggest that the roof may have to be replaced entirely to avert future shingle roof issues.

Step no. 3: Where is the most damage on the roof? Some areas are admittedly easier to repair than others.

Step no. 4: What is the cheapest solution we offer? In our professional experience spending more today to replace the roof in most cases will help you save time and money in the long term. Not to mention the fact that a new roof adds value to your home.

If you have decided to replace the shingle roof make sure to redo the complete roofing system. That means you should ensure that there is adequate roof ventilation and the attic is adequately insulated. All of which will improve your home’s cooling and heating while extending the life of your roof.

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When it comes to quality, you can trust Victory Roofing Contractors to deliver on every promise. We use only the very best materials. Plus, each professional on our team is certified, experienced and is insured. So, you can be guaranteed excellent quality workmanship that’s better than you’ve seen before. We stand behind our claim of a solid reputation and an honest service.

Whether you need help choosing the right shingles, require a quote or are not sure how to go about ensuring the integrity of your roof we can help you. Our team of seasoned experts is just a call away and you can we are always more than happy to hear from you.

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The key to a great looking and secure home is a well built and durable shingle roof. Our expert roofing services make that dream shingle roof possible.

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