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Your roof is the one reason why the home remains dry and safe. However, regardless of if you have a flat or pitched roof, it can spring a leak when you least expect it. We have seen even well-maintained roofs damaged by storms and hurricanes in Florida that need urgent repairs. That said to ensure durability the quality of these repairs needs to be top-notch. It is essential to use the best quality materials that money can buy, and that’s where we come in.

We offer high-quality roof repair, re-roofing, roof maintenance, and waterproofing amongst other services. The key to success for us has always been our dedication to ensuring that our professionals only use the best materials. We never cut corners that will sacrifice the durability or appeal of your roof. It is for this reason that ours is the highest rated roofing services in Florida.

Roof Repair with a Guarantee

Do roofing companies offer a guarantee? A quick search will reveal that most don’t. Only the most professional services that have over the years proved to deliver quality repairs will back their work with a warranty. At Victory Roofing Contractors all our roofing services whether it may be roof waterproofing, re-roofing, etc. are all backed by a warranty.

Our team of professional roofing contractors has years of experience. They have over the years been responsible for repairing hundreds of roofs across the state of Florida. Not once have we received a complaint from a client who was not satisfied with our work. Also, we never had a client call us to avail the warranty. That’s the level of service you can expect from professional roofers such as ourselves that take the integrity and safety of your home seriously.

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We Provide All Types of Roof Repairs

We provide complete repairs for all types of roofs including shingle roof repair, tile roof repair, and flat roof repair. That said before we repair your roof our team will first inspect the roof for damage. The goal of the inspection to determine what caused the damage in the first place. Even if the damage was caused by a storm what was the reason behind it? Was there a rotting of the underlayment? Were the shingles worn out or cracking before the storm hit. Knowing this allows us to formulate a comprehensive roof repair strategy which guarantees a long service life.

When we repair your roof, it lasts longer than others. The reason being that our approach is comprehensive. We leave no stone unturned which is why you save money and time in the long term by hiring us. That’s regardless of if you are a home or a business owner.

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Whether your roof has sprung a leak, or you see cracks forming in the tiles or are experiencing any other problems call us today. Our team will be at your doorstep to run a complete inspection and provide you with an estimate for the job which includes an estimated time of completion. So, you can get the roof repaired when it is most convenient for you.


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We provide comprehensive roof repair services for all types of roofs including flat, shingle and pitched roofs. Call us today for an estimate.

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