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Many home and business owners use a practice that we term as deferred roof maintenance which is opposed to proactive roof maintenance a strategy that we strongly advocate. The advantage of a deferred approach to roof maintenance is it may reduce short-term maintenance costs, but it more than doubles the costs later on when the roof eventually springs a leak. Many roofs fail because of neglect when that happens home, and business owners need to pay a lot more to re-roof, or for extensive roof repairs.

At Victory Roofing Contractors, we are strong advocates of using a proactive approach to roof maintenance. The proactive approach not only ensures that your roof continues to perform flawlessly through bad weather like storms, hail and strong winds but also that it saves you money. Short term or annual roof maintenance does not cost a lot, but it saves you four times as much in repairs.

Low-Quality Maintenance Leads to Eventual Failure

No matter how much money you spent on building a flat roof, or a tile roof or perhaps installed clay shingles if it is not maintained professionally it will eventually fail. Sure, a clay shingle roof has a long life, but only if it is maintained. The same goes for tiles which can be blown away by strong winds.

We have been providing roof maintenance services for over twenty years. Our service caters to home and business owners across Florida. Whether you run a school, a church, a shopping center or a building manager you can count on our roof maintenance services to deliver quality work.

Each one of our maintenance schedules and programs is meant to meet your budget and needs. We will work closely with you to ensure that your building benefits from top quality material and a team of specialists. All people working on roof maintenance are trained, qualified and skilled. So, there no question that the work we do for you will last long.

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Our Roof Maintenance Program

We make sure that our roof maintenance program is as comprehensive as possible. Our goal is to cover all aspects of keeping your roof in top condition. Generally, our roof maintenance schedule includes:

  • A though roof inspection: Our team both visually inspects the roof membrane as well as the surface condition. We also examine the flashings.
  • Complete site documentation: We run through a checklist which outlines the present circumstances and the recommended corrective repairs.
  • Housekeeping: When our team is inspecting the roof, they are also performing housekeeping. The housekeeping includes the removal of field membrane and debris, removing debris from across scuppers, gutters and drain covers.

Don’t Undertake the Maintenance Yourself

Many homeowners may make the mistake of undertaking the maintenance aspect themselves. That can be both dangerous in addition to being inadequate. Conducting maintenance yourself means that you could end up doing more damage than good. Plus, without an experienced set of eyes by your side, it is near impossible to find issues like a cracked or chipped flashing, tile or some other problem. So, you’re better off calling our experts.

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Regular roof maintenance can help to extend the service life of your roof. Call us today for compete roof maintenance services at your doorstep.

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