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New Roof Installation

Does your roof have significant storm damage, a couple of missing shingles and a few leaks have lately sprung up in a few locations? Now it may be a good time to get a new roof installed or at least hire a re-roofing contractor. While it may be the case that you need a new roof, these are not always the signs of the roof needs replacing. Whether you are a home or business owner, it pays to familiarize yourself with all the telltale signs of your structure needing a new roof.

Victory Roofing Contractors is a full-service roofing contractor. We provide re-roofing, new roof installation, emergency roof repair, waterproofing and numerous other services. As reputed and honest roofers in Florida, we will never tell you that the roof needs to be re-done or you need a new roof installed to make extra money. But instead, our recommendation is based on our team’s professional assessment of the roof. In most cases, we never recommend new roof installation. We only recommend installing a new roof where we know that re-roofing or repairs may not be reliable.

Know What you are Getting

A new roof installation is a pretty extensive job which requires that specialists walk through many different tasks. Obviously, you never want to end up with shoddy workmanship or low-quality materials. Some roofing contractors will replace the tar and a few shingles and call that a new roof! That’s not what you should settle for when hiring a contractor.

When we recommend a new roof installation that means that the entire roof is removed and a new one is installed. It requires putting down the several layers and materials needed to build the roof. Everything is done, and you are urged to monitor our progress and ask any question you want.

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Top Quality Top-Shelf Makes a Difference

The latest roofing materials and shingles can easily last fifty years. Also, some shingles, as well as ice shields, can be layered below the roofing tiles which prevents the ice from forming when it is cold. Depending on where you live we take these decisions based on prevailing weather conditions. While we urge you to shop around, compare and ask questions with us, you are guaranteed quality work.

When it comes time to deciding on roofing materials, we will present you with a set of options. You can then choose the option that works for you regarding durability, budget, and aesthetics. For us, a new roof installation is all about making your home safe and building a roof that lasts you for decades.

A Team of Trusty Experts

We are a family owned business, and each member of our team is family but with experience. We are committed to delivering quality roofing services regardless of if you are a home or business owner. Plus, we offer various types of roofing including flat roofing, pitched roof installation, tile roofing, etc.

If you’re experiencing chronic problems with your roof now is the time to call us for an estimate or professional inspection.

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