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Commercial roofing is one of the most challenging aspects of the roofing industry. It is also one of the most important especially since there are so many different types of commercial roofing as well as methods. We generally use bitumen roofing, which is a torch applied system. But that's not the only one we use.

At Victory Roofing Contractors we also use the modified torch method on the underlayment, especially for high-quality tile roofs. These help to stretch the life of the roofs. However, when considering a commercial roofing repair or installation make sure that the provider you choose is experienced. If the contractor isn’t experienced a lot can go wrong. That’s why our commercial roofing is the most sought after in Florida.

We Offer Single-Ply TPO

It is also often referred to as the single ply roofing which provides much better performance than the modified torch system. Plus, it is priced lower than the regular PVC roofing system. If you are building a new shop, plaza or some other commercial installation the Carlisle and GAF systems are perfect. It can also be used in residential roofs where the homeowner wants to benefit from superior performance and yet be on a budget. The TPO system is highly durable since it is heat welded ensuring a tight seam, puncture resistance, and strength. Plus, it is weather resistant compared to traditional modified torch systems.

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Single-Ply PVC

At Victory Roofing Contractors we have a team that specializes in single-ply PVC membrane systems which is great for low slope roofs. It offers excellent long-term protection and durability. Plus we back this type of roofing with a solid warranty. Not to mention the fact that the single ply PVC is perfect for most parts of Florida where the roof has to be moisture proof.

Save Money with Cool Roof Coatings

All building or business owners are looking for various ways to save money. One way to save a great deal of money in the long-term is to restore the existing roof with a cool roof coating. The coating will extend the life of the roof while enhancing the building’s look and feel dramatically. Not to mention that in a state like Florida reduced cooling costs means significant savings on energy. So, it is a win-win situation regardless of how you look at it.

Highly Reputed Roofing Experts

We are one of the most reputed commercial roofing experts. As a family-owned business, we have made sure that each member of our team isn’t just highly trained but also well equipped. So, they can handle all types of commercial roofing both installation and repair. You can also bet that what they install will last long since it will be done so using the latest methods.

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Never leave your commercial roofing needs in the hands of a newbie, unproven professionals. Whether you need advice on a new roof installation, repair or require an annual inspection we are the professionals for you. We are trusted by dozens of businesses across Florida and are just one call away.

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